• We offer a range of products to serve the needs of people across the nation. At MarvelCore Tree we believe in playing a vital role by contributing to theforeseeable changes in the lifestyle of our customers. Our endeavor is to offer people across age groups, with products that will enhance their comfort and confidence, and eventually aid in allowing them to enjoy today. So they can focus on a life without worry.

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    • Puffin Tampons

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      • Phthalates free
      • Chemical additives free
      • Fragrance free
      • Optical brighteners free
      • Latex free
      • Animal components free
      • Absorbent with viscose rayon core
      • Soft cover for easy and gentle insertion and removal
      • Special width ways expansion for optimal absorption
      • Hydrophobic cotton retrieve thread
      • Transparent film single wrapping with twist-off opening
      • Tested for sensitivity
      • Made in Europe

      Using a Puffin Tampon

      1. With clean hands hold the base of the tampon between index finger and thumb
      2. Insert the tampon
      3. Push the tampon inside gently with the middle finger while leaving the thread hanging out
      4. Remove the finger while leaving the thread of the tampon hanging out, to be used later during removal process

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    • Puffin Panty Liner

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      • Size: 50 x 148 mm
      • Ultra thin for comfort and discretion
      • Super Soft surface with “Soft&Dry” non-woven top-layer, which ensures fast acquisition of fluids, keeping the wearer fresh and dry
      • Core with superabsorbent material, which draws and locks in fluids; helping to prevent leakage
      • Dermatologically tested
      • Produced without using perfume and optical bleaching
      • Made In GERMANY

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    • Felber Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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      Olive oil has long been touted for its marvelous healing properties. And, years after the Mediterranean region have used it extensively in their cooking and their lives, scientists have determined the nutritional benefits of extra virgin olive oil. Full of heart-healthy fats, extra virgin olive oil, an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, now recommended by nutritionists and physicians all over the world. As the first pressed oil from an olive harvest, extra virgin olive oil is the ultimate investment in your health and self-care. Felber Extra Virgin Olive Oil is manufactured in Spain, which is known for the high quality of its olive oil production. Felber Extra Virgin Olive Oil is especially tasty, and beneficial, when used in salad dressings, to garnish soups, roasted meats, fish, vegetables, stews and pastas, and as a key ingredient in condiments and dips. It is also suitable for low-temperature cooking, such as sautéing.

      Felber Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in handy bottles of 250mls, 500mls and 1 liter to meet the needs of any kind of household, small or large.

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    • Felber Pomace Olive Oil

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      Felber pomace oil originates in Spain, the country that boasts some of the best quality olive oil in the world. Pomace olive oil has a high smoke point making it suitable for high-temperature cooking and even deep-frying. Felber Pomace Olive Oil is a truly multipurpose product, an absolute must-have in every home. Aside from cooking, Felber Pomace Olive Oil can also be used as an all-natural moisturizer and as a massage oil that is suitable even for the sensitive skin of babies and the elderly. Felber Pomace Olive Oil is available in convenient tins of 100 milliliters and 4 liters.

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    • Felber Pasta & Spaghetti


      Pasta is an integral part of the Medittaranean diet and ranks lower on the glycemic index than other commonly consumed carbohydrates like rice and bread. Unlike other grains, it cooks easily and quickly and is particularly suitable for the high-pressure, fast-paced lives we lead today. Though it cooks quickly, pasta keeps you full for longer because its low glycemic load ensures a slow glucose release. That makes it even more perfect for people with full lives. Felber pasta is proudly produced in Turkey, a country known for its agricultural history and culinary heritage.

      Felber pasta is packaged in packets of 400 grams and comes in many different shapes, a different favourite for every member of your family.

      Penne Rigate is great for sopping up sauces but also in pasta salads or baked in a casserole. It can be used for white and cheesy sauces and also meat sauces like Bolognese and Ragu or their vegetarian and vegan versions, its long tubular shape trapping bits of the goodness and promising each bite to be succulent and special.

      Fusilli is wonderful in sauces using whole ingredients like chopped pieces of tomato, smoked fish and sausage. It is also great in pasta salad, it’s twisty shape ensuring that all pieces remain whole and distinct. It’s also great for smooth sauces like pesto.

      Elbow is a fan favourite to create mac and cheese. It is also wonderful in Minestrone and other soups, salad and as part of a particularly saucy pasta dish.

      Lumache is great for heavy sauces. Its shell shape is anatomically perfect for holding and trapping sauces with heavy cream, cheese or even minced meat. The hollows that are part of the Lumache design are great for holding the sauce, operating almost like a stuffed pasta, but all on it’s own.

      The Shell pairs well with heavy sauces, just like its cousin the lumache. The little cup that it forms is wonderful for collecting and holding heavy creamy sauces, ensuring the pasta comes together as a dish, sauce and pasta in perfect harmony rather than existing separately on one plate.

      Spaghetti is a classic and pairs wonderfully with seafood or meat sauces. They’re also brilliant in an oil based sauce like an aglio olio. They will sop up basic tomato sauces wonderfully, as well as meat sauces.

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    • Puffin Cling Film


      Puffin Cling Film is made of high-quality food-safe materials designed to keep your food fresh for longer. It increases the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables stored in the fridge, preventing food wastage, which is a huge environmental issue in this day and age. Puffin cling film enhances food safety by protecting food from harmful bacteria that occurs in the environment, and especially in refrigerators and deep freezers. Puffin can be used to cover counters when rolling dough and also to prevent messes during craft activities with your child. It’s a multipurpose product and, where possible, reusable. Puffin Cling Film is available in 100 ft and 200ft and is suitable for both commercial and residential purposes.

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    • Puffin Aluminium Foil


      Puffin Aluminium Foil is a multi-use product, suitable for high and low temperatures. It aids in cooking, grilling, roasting in the oven or on the stove top and is also acceptable for creating partial seals on food items and storing in the fridge or freezer. Puffin Aluminium foil can be used in salons and at home while coloring your hair, to craft ornaments and objects from and to cover surfaces you may want to protect, such as your stove top. Puffin Aluminium Foil is available in packaging of 25sq.ft and 37.5sq.ft and is suitable for both commercial and residential purposes.

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    • SecureXtra Adult Pull-Up

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      Adult pull-ups are designed for those with an active life style. The discreet design of the pull-up with quick dry and smooth surface makes it an ideal choice for incontinence patients, allowing them to enjoy today. Once used, pull-up can be torn at the sides for easy removal.

      SecureXtra Adult Pull-up Sizes

      Medium, Large, XL


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