• At MarvelCore Tree we believe every moment in a human life matters, especially when life begins. Babies are our future and at MarvelCore Tree we are committed to ensuring that the first moments of a baby’s life are full of comfort and care.

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    • Puffling Disposable Changing Mats

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      Give your little one complete comfort during nappy changes with Puffling Changing Mats. Designed to suit your mobile needs, these padded and superior absorbency mats come with PE backing, giving you complete ease and protection for your little one, while the leak-proof technology saves you from any unneccessary messes.

      *Multi-purpose, such as craft activities, to avoid messes

      *Place at the base of the potty seat/chair when toilet training.

      *For burping and relief for your baby.

      *Parks, playgrounds, malls, pools, and just about anywhere else.

      *For safe diaper changes in public

      *For changing table or mattress


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