About Us

MarvelCore Tree is committed to bringing a range of world class products to a clientele that seeks world class quality. We aim to be as global as possible in an age where anything else is a compromise. We seek out the best manufacturers in their field, wherever they may be, to bring the best quality product, packaged and designed in the most thoughtful manner possible, to our customers. Our current catalogue ranges across quality food, kitchen disposables, pet care and healthcare. MarvelCore Tree’s research team is working everyday to continue to introduce new products to our existing range and offer more and better choices to our customers. Because we believe in delivering a world class product to the world customer, MarvelCoreTree does the work so you don’t have to.

Our Values

MarvelCore Tree believes the products you use at home, in the kitchen, for yourself personally or for your loved ones, enhance your and your loved ones’ quality of life. What you use is not just an item but a moment of your life. At MarvelCore Tree we believe every moment matters and to ensure this, we source the finest quality products through a stringent process from research to quality assurance, packaging to design. We seek out international producers, wherever they may be in the world, who match our vision of delivering our customers the finest possible. At MarvelCore Tree we do the work so you don’t have to.

Vision for a better, more united world

At MarvelCore Tree we believe in the importance of sourcing from the best producers, no matter where they are in the world. In today’s age, where the world is fast coming together and travel and knowledge has given us access to pick and choose the best for ourselves, an international perspective is the cornerstone of our value system. At MarvelCore Tree, our research team works day and night to find the best product at the best value, ensuring our supply chain is composed of producers that match our value system of sincerity, respect for our customers and an international outlook. At MarvelCore Tree we believe this is the way into our future, a future that promises better moments in our lives. MarvelCore Tree, because every moment matters.